There are other home locations


So the council plans to build hundreds of houses on two beautiful green areas on the edge of Ilkeston, while the site actually designated for them, the old Stanton works, cannot be used just yet for ‘complex legal reasons’.

Surely the council has legal advisors to solve this very problem?

Looking at the plans and proposals at Ilkeston Town Hall, I was appalled at the reasoning behind the council’s thinking and the vague phrases used for why it should be done. The council has been very lax with information for wider, clearer, sooner, public access. Talk about being kept in the dark and fed the proverbial.

At the Manners site there is a beautiful large lake, beloved of anglers, that could disappear. This is an area of natural marshland too, so would the affordable houses be built in a bog at the end of the site?

I realise the need for more housing, but why do we have to take more green land when there are brownfield sites and small areas within the town, such as the site of the Stanton Vale nursery, waiting to be used?

I suppose in the end it comes down to finance – it is cheaper in the short term to use these green sites – what a waste?

B. Godfrey

Oakwell Crescent