Three week wait to repair water leak

Kensington Gardens Ilkeston
Kensington Gardens Ilkeston
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An Ilkeston woman has described the noise from a leak on her street which took almost three weeks to repair as ‘water torture’.

The woman, who asked not be named, reported the problem on October 24 after seeing it develop from a trickle into a flood across the street on Kensington Gardens.

“The noise in our kitchen was awful,” she said. “It was 24 hours a day.

“By the end of a fortnight it was coming up through my neighbours slabs and breaking the tarmac.”

The woman was told by Severn Trent Water she would have to wait until November 24 as Derbyshire County Council would have to assist by securing a nearby lamp post.

But the leak was finally repaired on November 12 after the council enlisted the help of a contractor.

A Severn Trent spokesman said: “The leak was close to a street light and as such we need Derbyshire County Council to both approve the work and support us while doing the repair.

“The council was not able to provide the resource needed and so they contracted out the work to another company.

“Severn Trent scheduled the work as soon as we knew the support was available (on November 9) and the leak was repaired on November 12.

“We would like to apologise to anyone affected by this issue and assure our customers that we take leakage very seriously and aim to find and fix any leaks as quickly as possible.”