Three-year-old with TOILET SEAT stuck on head rescued by firefighters

Source: Derbyshire FRS
Source: Derbyshire FRS

Derbyshire firefighters came to the rescue of a toddler who got a toilet seat stuck on her head.

Three-year-old Zeva was taken to Ilkeston fire station after her little mishap yesterday (Monday).

And the fire brigade tweeted after they managed to free the 'brave girl' who kept a smile on her face - and added that it's #notjustfires that they rescue people from.

The team tweeted yesterday (Monday, March 27): "Unfortunately 3yr old Zeva got a toilet seat stuck over her head. Thankfully #Ilkeston_Red firefighters came to the rescue.

"They put Peppa Pig on the TV to distract Zeva & then cut the toilet seat off. She was a very brave girl."