Time for Stanton action

The old Stanton Ironworks site is key to the economic future of Erewash and the people who live and work there. Stanton’s place in the manufacturing history of the nation is honoured in Erewash Museum and the display is excellent. However, the last pipe was cast at Stanton Ironworks on May 24 2007 and now most of the site lies fallow with former industrial buildings derelict or demolished.

There is much that could to be done to boost Erewash – including re-opening the Sandiacre to Derby Canal and planning for a new Nutbrook Canal ‘leisure loop’ circuit to foster boating tourism. But the biggest nut to crack remains to access to the Stanton land. The best industrial firms require the best available access and the current hopeless road network forces traffic from Stanton to go through the centre of Sandiacre, instead of being able to take a direct road link from the Stanton site to the M1.

Stanton is Derbyshire’s prime development opportunity, deserving of serious consideration by Derbyshire County Council, which appears content instead to tinker with just minor road ‘improvements’.

I have not heard these ideas voiced by the Tories who lead the County Council, the Borough Council, or their colleague, Erewash MP Jessica Lee;,although to be fair, all have mentioned ‘Stanton’ a lot of late….

It is a crying shame that their sound and fury is directed at whether or not to restore the Stanton wagon – a symbol of past glories – and about as much use as the mythical albatross around the neck of the ancient mariner for people in the 21st century who live in Erewash, needing a job and deserving a future!

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Howard Griffiths

Erewash Labour Group