Time to re-invent town

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I think its time to re-invent the town centre. It seems that the only thing selling today is food.

What with eBay and the internet taking most of the sales and weekly spending, Ilkeston Bath Street has become a coffee shop culture. We need someone with cash to step in and think about long term plans for the main shopping street.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Tesco or Morrison’s or Asda stepped in and started opening a string of smaller shops selling meat,fish, dry goods and clothing on the high street, but still under the own banners.

Something has to be done to protect our high street.

We are becoming Americanised in our shopping. The trouble is it’s one place sells all when it should be one high street sells all.

The councillors of Ilkeston should have said to Tesco and Morrison’s: “Yes you can open your stores as long as you put two or three stores of your own on our high street.”

I do not want to see Ilkeston a ghost town.

Ethen Ashley Eden