Time to save our NHS


Our NHS is the best thing that ever happened for the British public, its founder, Aneurin Bevan, said in 1948 the NHS “will last as long as there are folk left with faith to for it.” Now is the time to start fighting.

The reform brief now being pushed through Parliament, and it will go through because of the 86 majority of the coalition, will effectively abolish the NHS as we know it today.

No one will have overall responsibility for meeting all of our health care needs and that may also depend on how much you are able to pay.

When the bill is passed, private companies will decide what you are entitled to and whether you need to pay for it.

Private companies have shareholders, they want profit, so the focus will be profit not patients.

We have already seen entitlement to long-term care, NHS dentistry and optical needs replaced by changes and private insurance.

I feel that we are now on the verge of being required to pay for many of the services connected with our health care needs and to buy insurance in order to cover the cost.

Many of the medical associations are opposing or deeply critical of the bill so low is it that none of the public are being informed as to what is being discussed on our behalf by MPs to our NHS.

Perhaps our own MP Jessica Lee would like to explain to the residents of Erewash what her own views on the bills are, also to answer why we pay an NHS contribution then also have to take out an insurance to cover costs, many cannot afford to do so.

All readers can find out more at www.healthprofessionals4nhs.co.uk and www.allysonpollock.co.uk but many people do not have access to the internet so are left in the dark.

Mrs J. S. Marsh,

Ladywood Road,