Tips to banish the Easter blues....

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Easter Blues? Stuck at home for lack of money to enable you to get away?

Here are a few excellent tips to break out of the rut and do things differently for a few days or a week.

It may change your life, you never know:

Its all about having a change from what you normally do.

If you always go in one direction to a supermarket to do your shopping, or always frequent a particular store, then turn your back on that store and deliberately go in the opposite direction to another one which you would not normally use.

You may surprise yourself with the prices and what new things they have to offer.

Radio and TV — always listening to Radio 4?

Then try Radio 2 or 1. Ditto local radio.

If you watch only certain programmes on TV but always avoid others then get hold of the Radio Times (yes it is still around and out on Tuesdays normally), and look at other TV channels, on Freeview or Free sat maybe, that you would not normally look at. TV and Radio schedules are of course on the internet.

Try to think of people locally you have not seen or visited for a long time and make a point of seeing them.

Look up the What’s On guides to local events, both in town and out of town but on the bus routes.

Get into the library and and look on the public display boards and see what’s on.

If on the internet then get onto the local council website and see what’s going on locally under leisure activities. Think about the swimming pools, or go for walks for example.

Neglected the garden ? Well get out there!

Do a plan and start by tidying up all round and mowing the grass. Even if gardening isn’t your thing, then I am sure you will agree that a cleaned up outdoor area is more pleasing on the eye.

A Tip: If you want plants see what the local supermarket is supplying.

This week I saw plenty on offer outside two stores.

You don’t have to get up to the garden centre if it is too far away. Other outlets are often cheaper than garden centres.

Spring cleaning and de-cluttering.....we can all do this. Decorating one of the rooms. Smartening up can have a beneficial effect on your health as well.

Think about it. Try giving these ideas a go and stop moping around!

You will get fitter and sort out the Easter blues!