Tips to trick toddlers

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Over the past couple of years I have found that a few simple tips (and a few simple gadgets) can make life a whole lot easier for a new mum, so I thought I would share these with you.
1) My toddler won’t drink milk: Add a teaspoon of fromage frais to a glass of milk and stir, my son gulps this down as he thinks it’s a naughty milkshake. The funky straws help too.
2) My toddler won’t eat eggs: whether you are preparing a boiled, poached or fried egg which your child refuses to eat, try sneaking the runny yolk (mix) into your child’s favourite food – my son’s is baked beans. Protein added and he’s none the wiser. 
3) My toddler hates having his teeth cleaned: A brush time app has helped my son immensely. This can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad and it comes with a catchy song and points for them to gain – and usually ensures your child brushes their teeth for the full two minutes. 
4) My toddler is a fussy and picky eater: Little snack pots with lots of separate food types is a great fascination to little people. Lots of variety means they don’t get bored. Cold meats and cheeses, fruit and vegetables chopped small or into funny shapes. Small strips of pitta bread or tortilla wraps always seem to go down much better than bread and cold pasta shapes are a firm favourite. My son doesn’t seem to like bread but loves toast. Bizarre child.

5) My toddler will pick up the lurgy at nursery: If your toddler has a blocked nose, don’t buy a bogie-picker! Yes, you can buy them, and yes, I bought one… but they are useless. Buy a digital thermometer. 
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