‘Tiser helps to solve registry office puzzle

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An Ilkeston man has been reunited with his birth certificate after the ‘Tiser appealed for help.

Deputy registrar Angela Gaunt was left puzzled when a charity shop worker brought in an evelope containing two birth certificates inside an envelope.

They had been stashed behind a picture in a frame which was accidentally handed in to the store.

After we published our story on our Facebook page, on Tuesday (October 29) Steven Flint was alerted by readers.

He promptly picked the certificates up from the Lord Haddon Road registry office at the end of last week.

Mr Flint said his wife had accidentally given them to charity.

“It’s quite a result,” said Angela, thanking the Advertiser for its help.

“It really shows the magic of publicity.”

The names on the certificates were Laura Martin, who was born in 1985 and Steven Flint, born in 1978.

Angela feared she may have had to destroy the certificates if they were not picked up.