‘Tiser interview: Headteacher of Awsworth Primary School

Awsworth Primary School headteacher Jane Mainprize
Awsworth Primary School headteacher Jane Mainprize

Jane Mainprize has been the headteacher at Awsworth Primary School for 21 years.

She started out as a class teacher at the school, on The Lane, almost 30 years ago, back in 1986.

And she said in all the years she’s worked there, she’s never had a dull day.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding job,” she said.

“I’ve never got up in the morning thinking ‘I’ve got another boring day ahead of me’. I have never had a boring day as long as I’ve been here.”

Ms Mainsprize said the job was ‘challenging but fun’.

“It can be challenging sometimes ensuring that the children make the best possible progress, so there’s a lot of hard work, and the Government puts you under increasing pressure to increase targets.

“But my philosophy is to have fun as well as learning which we try and do by taking the children out on visits and inviting visitors into school as well.

“Seeing the children develop and grow from the age of three up to 11 is very rewarding. And they come back years later to let me know how they are getting on as well which is lovely”, added the headteacher.

Ms Mainprize said Awsworth was a very community spirited school with a positive ethos.

“One of the successes of the school is having a stable staff team.

“It’s rare for staff to leave,” she said.

“I think it says a lot about the school and helps the children be happy.”

Pupils who she used to teach now take their children to the school because they liked it so much.

“They remember the positive family ethos of the school and they want their kids to come here as well. It’s nice to be here long enough to see the generations.

“When someone I used to teach sends their grandchild here though I think it’s time to retire.”

Ms Mainprize spoke of a recent exchange trip she went on to India with the deputy headteacher.

“A particularly rewarding part of my job is the links with the schools internationally.

“It was an amazing place. The people were so colourful and welcoming and I experienced such culture out there,” she said.

The teachers that they stayed with are currently in the Awsworth area, staying with staff members and their families.

An assembly was held at the school this week with dance, song and poetry for the Indian teachers to experience British culture.

More than 30 per cent of the intake at Awsworth Primary School comes from surrounding towns and villages such as Eastwood, Ilkeston and Kimberley.

“We have a good reputation and I think nowadays parents are looking more at Ofsted reports online and so on before they make their choices,” said Ms Mainprize.