‘Tiser teams up with John for record bid

walked all over: Landlady Caroline New and reporter Dave Wade have volunteered to help local strongman John Evans with his latest lifting feat.
walked all over: Landlady Caroline New and reporter Dave Wade have volunteered to help local strongman John Evans with his latest lifting feat.

Daredevil Advertiser reporter Dave Wade is laying his life on the line (or so he says! — Ed) as Ilkeston’s head-balancing pensioner John Evans involves him in his latest record-breaking challenge. He explains why...

He’s 22 stone, he’s got a glass eye and he’s going to step over me while carrying 50 pints on his head...

Have I gone completely mad? Maybe, but I’ve just agreed to take part in John Evans’ latest bid for the record books to raise money for the Royal Derby Hospital.

Four other willing volunteers will be lying alongside me at the Commercial Inn, Awsworth Road, while John balances 100 full, half-pint glasses (made of plastic, thankfully) on his noggin and strides over us.

It will, he tells me, be the first time anyone has attempted such a record.

“For me, it’s a doddle,” he said. “I’ve practiced with milk crates in the garden, which are about the same size as a person.

“I could do more people but as no one else has done this before I’ll just leave it at five.”

John, of Awsworth Road, has appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records more than anyone else after performing incredible head-balancing feats for the last 20 years.

Most famously, he has balanced a Mini on former children’s TV show Record Breakers and appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2011.

He has also raised more than £200,000 for charity over the years.

The event, on Saturday October 5, will also see John’s record-breaking pal Peter ‘The Eater’ Dowdeswell, 73, try to eat 20 sausages faster than anyone else has done before.

And Fred Burton, 68, will carry a 61lb weight between his teeth over a 111-metre distance – another world record.

Incredibly John, 66, is the youngest of the three record-breakers!

The event has been dubbed The Magnificient Seven as four other records will be attempted on the same day at locations across the UK.

Compere for the cowboy-themed extravaganza, which starts at 12pm –‘high noon’ – will be ‘The Terminator’ who appeared with John on Britain’s Got Talent.

And there will be prizes for the best dressed cowboys and cowgirls as well as the opportunity to show off your weird and wonderful talents to the town following the record attempts.

Get in touch with John on 07831 210393 to find out how to get involved.

John has gathered together £415 of raffle prizes donated by Ilkeston businesses so far, and has thanked Caroline New, landlady at the Commercial, who stepped in at the last minute after another pub pulled out of hosting the event.

All proceeds will go to the hospital where John’s daughter Allison was treated after she contracted pneumonia earlier this year.

Call me on 0115 944 6181 if you want to donate to this worthy cause.