Top snapper comes into focus

After a lengthy judging process and hundreds of entries, it is finally time for the ‘Tiser to unveil the winner of our first-ever Life Thru The Lens photographic competition, sponsored by Specsavers, of Ilkeston.

And that winner is Raymond Bramley, a retired Stanton moulder, who scooped top prize at a presentation at the Bath Street optician’s this week.

Winners of the 'Tiser's Life Thru the Lens comp will receive their prizes at Specsavers, Ilkeston. Pictured are the Ilkeston finalists.

Winners of the 'Tiser's Life Thru the Lens comp will receive their prizes at Specsavers, Ilkeston. Pictured are the Ilkeston finalists.

Ten finalists were invited to attend the reception ready to hear the name of the photographer behind the winning image.

After much deliberation and some tough choices, the judges made their decision.

Mr Bramley’s moody image of the Erewash Canal was taken on a November morning near Trent Lock.

He explained: “I’ve taken this photo loads of times but on this day it just worked really well.

“If you get down there between 7.30 and 8 in the morning you get the golden yellow from the sun coming up behind the cooling towers and on this day there was the mist on the water as well.”

Mr Bramley was presented with his prize — a top-of-the-range digital SLR camera — by Krishna Parmar, manager of Ilkeston’s Specsavers.

Accepting his award, Mr Bramley, of West Hallam, said: “It’s a great prize, a good camera, I can’t wait to have a look at it when I get home.”

A keen photographer since the age of 13, Mr Bramley is a member of local camera club, Ilkeston 2000.

He said: “My dad bought me my first camera, a Halina, when I was 13.

“I had behaviour problems at school so he got me it to give me something to do, it was probably the best thing he could have done.

“I’ve been taking photos ever since.”

Advertiser editor Martin Hutton said: “With fantastic support from Specsavers, this is the first time we have staged this competition and the response from members of the public has been brilliant.

“The quality of some of the photographs has been outstanding and we took great pride in showcasing some of those photos in the paper and in video slideshows on our websites.

“Coming up with finalists was hard enough so it was even tougher to choose just one winner to take the honour.

“A massive congratulations to Mr Bramley on a great photograph and a big thank you has to be said to everyone who took the time to enter.”

Krishna Parmar said: “I am delighted with how the competition has run and the partnership with the ‘Tiser. We will definitely be running the competition again.”

As well as Mr Bramley, the other finalists were: Olivia Briggs, of Cherstey Court, West Hallam; Emma Ashley, of Windley Drive, Ilkeston; Stuart Johnson, of Dumbles Close, Kirk Hallam; Steve Woodward, of Glebe Crescent, Ilkeston; Julia Briggs, Mill Acre Close, Ilkeston; Karen Squire, of Glebe Crescent, Stanley Village; Gill Chapman, of Longfield Crescent, Ilkeston; Dawn Parry, of Longcroft Avenue, Ilkeston; and Michael Hawkins, of Oakwell Crescent, Ilkeston.

They were each presented with a box of chocolates and a blown-up version of their photos.