Top strap: Readers’ photos special Main headline: Your snaps in the spotlight

The fine weather has clearly inspired local photographers to get out and about with their cameras to grab some top snaps of the Ilkeston area.

We endeavour to carry at least one reader’s photo each week but thought we would devote a whole page to your images this week so as to do them justice after we were inundated.

Many of the colourful and exciting shots are synonymous with summer, including these ones taken by Roger White of butterflies landing on flowers in his garden.

Another regular contributor is Martyn Robinson-Slater, who sent us the great picture of an adult bird teaching its young to feed.

He said: “One of the joys of nature is seeing adult birds teaching their offspring to feed. I saw this hen blackbird teaching her fledgling to feed from an apple core - a great sight.”

Also featured here are grand views of the historic Bennerley Viaduct taken from above by reader Joe Cowley, who is becoming a regular contributor to the ‘Tiser. He used his Phantom Quadcopter to gain a great overhead view.

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