'Tornado' hits Stapleford

Stock picture.
Stock picture.

An apparent tornado hit Stapleford last night, causing damage in the town.

A shop in Pasture Road was left with a hole in its roof while gardens and fences were struck by the weather phenomenon.

On Stapleford Fire Station's Facebook page, firefighters wrote: "Who saw the tornado last night? Although many of our team witnessed it, we didn't get any video or photos.

"We were not called out to any emergencies connected with the weather and hope that you are all OK."

Richard Danny MacRae replied: "I just drove up Kennedy Drive and several houses have been affected - roof tiles have been ripped up.

"There is damage to fences and gardens on Frederick Road too."

Sam Pryce said: "We saw this!

"Wheelie bins were flung right above the houses and bread pallets were blowing all over the road.

"We sat at the bottom of Hickings Lane watching it. It was scary!"

Charlie Twigg said: "The trees weren't half taking a battering."

According to the Nottingham Post, a Met Office spokesman said: "It could have been a funnel cloud or tornado but the evidence suggests it was a tornado, due to the damage.

"There were heavy showers passing through the area at the same time."

The Met Office said the tornado was developing from sometime after 4pm although residents in Stapleford said it passed through the town at around 7.30pm.