Toton ‘better for HS2 site’

News story
News story

People in Stapleford have said they would prefer to see the HS2 hub built in Toton, not Breaston.

Representatives from Hs2 gave a presentation to residents about the latest on the high-speed rail project.

Phase two is still under discussion in terms of where in the area the train would stop.

In the original plan it was earmarked for Toton Sidings, in Stapleford, but it was later revealed that HS2 bosses had started to consider Breaston as an alternative.

Richard Macrae, chairman of Stapledford Community Group, said: “The main concern at the meeting was that people don’t want it in Breaston. Toton seems the best site. They have got to get the route right - we don’t want the green belt ripping up.

“One of the other concerns from residents was about letters they had received about compulsory purchase orders on their homes. Some people just don’t know what the situation is.”