Toton HS2 hub would ‘benefit’ Erewash

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A report released this week into the controversial HS2 project has failed to confirm where the East Midlands hub will be built.

The hub was originally pinpointed for Toton but last month it was revealed that it could be moved to Breaston in Erewash. Leader of Erewash Borough Council, Councillor Chris Corbett said: “As a council we are committed to protecting our beautiful greenbelt and will continue to promote the former preferred site for the East Midlands hub at Toton.

“If the hub where to be sited at Toton, it would bring with it huge benefit for Erewash, both economically, by bringing in new businesses and creating jobs, and socially, by improving connectivity to the rest of the UK.

“We will now be pushing for HS2 Ltd to make a final decision on the precise location of the hub sooner rather than later, so that we can end the continued uncertainty for residents.

“ We will also be fighting hard to ensure that those Erewash residents directly affected by HS2 receive a fair and proper compensation package.”