Town-centre problems - our scruffy little town

Surely everyone must see that Mrs B.Matthews cares deeply about our scruffy little town of Ilkeston.

You start with the Market Place. Just after 8am, gangs of young men gang up outside the Town Hall with their cans of lager and Staffie dogs. Where do they get all this money from?

We seem to have dog-walking sessions up and down Bath Street, some of them off their leads. There is dog mess on pavements on both sides.

There are no police to be seen. Dog wardens are too busy trying to catch owners who do not clean up after their pets on the parks.

They miss everyone, they are too crafty.

Shops are boarded up everywhere and there are lots of ‘sale’ or ‘to let’ signs.

Your slight depression starts at the very top of Bath Street and gets worse as you walk down.

At the top of Station Road you are at the mercy of young cyclists belting down the road. They seem to have no brakes and jam their heels on the back wheels, managing to miss cars and buses by six inches.

Even worse, it seems we have pickpockets. OAPs - keep your pensions away from your back pockets. Be warned.


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