Town football club targeted . . . again

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Heartless thieves have ransacked Heanor Town Football Club for the second time in just six months – leaving officials “shocked and saddened” by the crime.

Burglars smashed their way into the clubhouse in Mayfield Avenue and stripped cash from fruit machines between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The raiders forced a door to gain entry, and were caught on the club’s CCTV in the process. The footage has now been handed over to the police for analysis.

Scott Ward, general manager, said: “The fans, players, and everyone involved with the club is just devastated that thieves have struck again.

“We’ve been here for 18 months now and have tried so hard to involve the community by putting on great nights and family events.

“Then to be repaid like this is extremely disheartening for everyone. I know it’s just a couple of people – maybe the same crooks who did us last time – but even still, it’s difficult to take.”

He added: “Last time we got burgled was in November, just after our bonfire night celebrations. We had put on a firework display for the community, which was attended by over 1,000 people. Then we came back the next day to find we’d been burgled. What sort of people would do that?”

Mr Ward said the burglary happened following a home match that was attended by almost 200 spectators. A party was held at the clubhouse after the match, which large numbers attended.

He added that around £100 from each fruit machine was stolen, but nothing else was taken.

Mr Ward said: “It’s very disappointing, because we are making such an effort with the club. We are trying to embrace the community, get them back involved with the club.

“But my message to these thieves is simple: you will not stop us doing the great work we are doing.

“Security is being stepped-up, because despite burglar alarms and CCTV, what we’ve got has not worked. So be warned – we will be better prepared. Also, we will not be leaving anything valuable on the site overnight at all from now on. Which is sad, but if that’s the way it is, so be it.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.