Town Hall list shows council staff salaries

FIGURES this week showed that Erewash Borough Council’s chief executive received a one per cent rise in the amount of money he receives last year.

The Town Hall Rich List 2011, compiled by the Tax Payers’ Alliance, showed that in 2008-2009 Jeremy Jaroszek was paid £133,111.

In 2009-2010 he received £134,503 but the council says his basic salary has not changed for the past two years and is not set to alter next year either.

Broken down the figures show that £110,234 was salary, including fees and allowances. Benefits of £1,230 and employers pension contributions made up £23,039 of the total.

He is the only member of council staff that receives more than £100,000 annually.

A spokesman for Erewash Borough Council said: “The chief executive has not had a pay increase over the last two years. He is not having a pay increase for 2011-12.”

Over the same period, neighbouring Amber Valley Borough Council’s chief executive took a pay cut of 4.8 per cent. His yearly incomings dropped from £124,000 to £118,000.

At Derbyshire County Council all senior staff received a pay rise, ranging from 0.3 to 13.3 per cent.

The rises cost the county tax payer £60,442 with one officer receiving a rise of more than £13,000.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “We are the county’s largest employer with 38,000 employees. We’re a top performing council – confirmed time and time again by the Audit Commission – and do a good job delivering high quality and important services to local people.

“We provide good value for money, set the lowest council tax increase since council tax began last year and there is no increase in our share for the coming year.

“Now, the average council tax bill for our services is around £100 cheaper than in most other areas.

“Compared with many other county councils we have fewer managers earning more than £100,000.”