Town is a mess Co-op will not re-open

I moved to Ilkeston 25 years ago with my family. What a change.

It is now dirty streets, boarded-up and rundown shops and now, to top it all, the one department store we have (the Co-op), which includes Clarks, Top Shop and Evans, is to close.

It means more boarded-up windows .

What a lovely outlook while waiting for a bus outside the council offices.

It will never open again, they might as well pull it down and make a car park.

Mind you, nobody will come to this town, why would you?

Our so-called precinct has lost Burtons and other shops.

Instead of spending thousands of pounds on some old Stanton wagon on the roundabout at the bottom of the town, the money should have been spent on cleaning up the mess that Bath Street is in, both top and bottom.

No wonder the Flyer bus is packed solid going to Derby most days.

Most people can’t wait to get out of this town and that is what will happen if we get the proposed railway station.

People will use the train to leave the town on it and no-one with any sense will get off here.

Disgruntled Resident,

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