Town needs a train station


Ilkeston needs a train station now more than ever before. We have two new tram lines going in from the south and west of Nottingham which will bring benefits to that part of the city and surrounding areas.

Ilkeston when it comes to housing is part of the greater Nottingham aligned core strategy, so why should transport be any different?

Ilkeston is about a dozen fields away from the actual city boundary at Balloon Wood, which constitutes two or three miles.

The existing train line already travels in that general direction. I think we can say that although Ilkeston is in Derbyshire, regionally I think it could be argued that it is part of the greater Nottingham urban conurbation.

That established it should follow that the said wider conurbation should go for as much rapid transport facility as possible.

Large conurbations need reliable rapid transport systems. Sheffield has the tram as does Nottingham city, Manchester, and Croydon. Leeds is considering a modern trolleybus system.

However it will be many years if ever before the tram comes out as far as Ilkeston.

Therefore we need a more doable alternative that can be commissioned relatively quickly, for comparatively modest funding when compared to extending the tram.

A train station in Ilkeston would nicely fit the bill for a good many generations, and provide that much needed connection with its central urban hub, which is already one of eight core cities outside London.

Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council have a duty to try and drive this thing forward, and put their money where their mouths are, and not shrug their shoulders in acceptance of no funding being available.

They should make it their business to try and bring about funding through persistence.

Cllr John Frudd

Kirk Hallam Ward