Town needs shelter work

According to the report on page six of the winter edition of the Erewash Borough Council magazine the sum of £125,000 has just been spent on improvements in Long Eaton including new design bus shelters with seating and extra benches close to the shelters.

All of this begs the question: when can Ilkeston council taxpayers expect to see the same amount of money used on a similar scheme in Ilkeston where the bus shelters are positively sub-standard compared to bus shelters in Nottinghamshire and the borough of Broxtowe are far superior to those in Ilkeston.

Bearing in mind that public transport users include many elderly and infirm people there is an obvious and urgent need here for a major upgrade to include good seating in bus shelters.

It is time to recognise and accept that Ilkeston’s needs and priorities are just as great as those of Long Eaton.

Otherwise Ilkeston folk will wonderwhy their town seems to be second-best when it comes to public service and maintenance and begin to wish for the return of a change to local Government reverting to Ilkeston Borough Council as our local authority.

An Old Observer