Town submits new cash bid

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Ilkeston may have missed out the last time around, but the town has submitted a second bid to become a Portas Pilot town.

If the town is one of the 12 to be picked for the scheme – named after high street guru Mary Portas – it will receive up to £100,000 to spend on rejuvenating the tired town centre.

Ilkeston’s Town Team, set up in response to Ms Portas’s review for the Government into Britain’s high streets last year, submitted the bid.

Accompanying it is a new video – available to view on YouTube – where business owners and councillors talk about the sorry state of the centre.

Cllr John Frudd said: “We need to stop this downward spiral. The more it happens the less easy it will be to bring Ilkeston back to what it formerly was.”

Also in the video, schoolchildren speak about what they think about the town, with many saying they hope to leave.

Ilkeston should find out if it has been succesful later this summer. In the last round, 12 towns were given a share of £1.2m.

Click here for a link to the video.