Town taxis trouble with train station

John Warner, Mick Wheatley and Nigel Greatorex with their taxis on the Market Place rank.
John Warner, Mick Wheatley and Nigel Greatorex with their taxis on the Market Place rank.

Town taxi drivers have upped pressure on the council to come to ana arrangement over pick ups from the new train station due to open this year.

Because the station straddles both the Erewash and Broxtowe boroughs tax drivers licensed in Erewash will be unable to wait on the station’s taxi rank for fares because it technically lies over the Broxtowe border.

Owner of Double Four taxis on Bath Street, Martin Bagshaw, explained: “When we found out that we were getting a train station we thought it would be great news for the firm as it will bring in business.

“We can still do pick ups if they are pre-booked and it’s not from the rank but we can’t wait on the rank and that will mean we miss out on fares.

“It’s ridiculous really because it’s Ilkeston’s train station and a taxi company from its own town won’t feel the full benefits.

“I don’t really know what the solution is though, you can’t move the tracks and you can’t change licensing rules or there’s not much point in having them.”

Both Erewash and Broxtowe Borough Councils have said that they are working together to try and come up with a solution to the issue.

A spokesman for EBC said: “Erewash Borough Council is in discussion with Derbyshire County Council to secure additional facilities on the Ilkeston side of the new station.”

While a spokesman for Broxtowe’s licensing department added: “We are in talks with Erewash Borough Council about how best to deal with this situation.”

Martin added: “Hopefully something will happen but if not we’ll have to make the most of what we have got.

“The station will still boost business.”

The station, which is the result of a campaign started by the ‘Tiser and supported by over 1,000 readers, is set to open by the winter.