Almost £6million to be spent on fixing 233 Derbyshire roads

The mult-million pound work will take place over the next few months.
The mult-million pound work will take place over the next few months.

More than 150 miles of Derbyshire’s roads are to be repaired in a £5.7million project.

The money has been taken from Derbyshire County Council’s reserves in order to undertake “surface dressing” on 233 damaged routes across the region.


The process sees liquid bitumen sprayed on the road followed by stone chippings. A roller is then used to make the chippings stick to the bitumen.

The road is then swept and road markings painted back on. Before the work is carried out, any potholes would be fixed.

The work will be carried out over the next few months.

Highways chief Councillor Dean Collins said: “We’ve had to cut the amount of money we spend on road maintenance because of the reduction in the amount of money we’re getting from the Government.

“So to pay for this work we’re using our savings, sometimes known as reserves.

“This work will help to extend the life of a significant number of our roads. We recognise there are many more miles of roads that could really do with the same work but we just don’t have the money for any more this year.”

A council spokesman added: “The work can’t take place when it is raining or if it is too hot. As vehicles need moving off the road, residents and businesses are kept informed when work is planned. Motorists are advised to drive at 10mph just after the work is carried out so that loose stones are not flicked up.”