Train station doubts - plough cash into jobs

I have always found the proposal to provide a new railway station in Ilkeston puzzling, particularly as it would be so inconveniently situated.

Furthermore, I have never seen details of a business case making a case for a railway station.

If there is more than £2 million available to spend in the locality, would it not be sensible to get together a group of successful local businessmen who are responsible for creating real jobs and real money to put together a plan to make proper full-time well-paid jobs to help regenerate the area?

Remember, Ilkeston prospered on the backs of well-paid iron, coal and hosiery workers, all of which have long gone.

These, for the most part, have been replaced by poorly-paid part-time jobs.

We should not worry about poor old Bath Street, as surely as night follows day retailers follow the money.

Ilkeston used to be known as ‘The Queen of the Midlands’ — it is most unlikely that this will ever happen again.

However, we still have a few exceptional local businesses which are a credit to our community and we need more of these.

What we don’t want are lots more poorly-financed retail outlets which are guaranteed to fail and hence continue the decline of our town.

David Frost,

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