Train station hopes - transport isolation

I was delighted to see recently that our local Erewash MP Jessica Lee, who has campaigned thoroughly for the construction of Ilkeston’s desired train station, was pushing forward for its approval.

As a young resident and student I find it essential for good transport links around our borough.

Without the means of driving, I have found Ilkeston almost isolated (only with the minimal connections from Trent Barton).

This station will hopefully provide the borough with excellent channels with links to Nottingham and Derby, bringing in much needed trade and the economic benefits that Ilkeston really needs. Never before has any Government taken much interest in improving the railways.

This station could potentially become the catalyst Ilkeston desires, and could mark a historic turning point in the

rejuvenation of our town.

Unfortunately recently I was in attendance at an Erewash council meeting, where I witnessed a councillor anout the apparent lack of momentum over the Ilkeston station. I may be young, yet still I share the feeling, as well as many people locally, that Jessica Lee has moved a damn site faster than Liz Blackman. Congratulations for Ilkeston, and Miss Lee.

Thomas Pearson, 17,