Train station is waste of money

Sorry folks, my opinion is what a waste of £6 million the new Ilkeston train station will be.

It’s too far out of town with no bus, or poor bus connections, and what utilisation will the planned new bus service receive?

As this is a ‘Freight Line’ will it now be designated differently, and how frequent will the service be?

Will the parking charges, as with Derby station, make it too expensive to use, or at best persuade people from car to train?

I am unconvinced by the business plan. When we lived out at Littleover, and Toyota was build on Green belt land, the Derbyshire County Council put out it would have its own rail link, which never happened, thus hundreds of lorries drive in and out of the factory daily.

There is the brownfield site pit area under Bennerley Viaduct to develop, but I suspect it will be the same as Toyota - all road freight for cost and convenience, especially with the easy link to the M1.

Still, what’s £6million to a country that’s bankrupt, and cannot even afford to look after it’s elderly citizens, who have contributed to their country all their lives? I know where I would prefer this money spent.

Terry Hall,