Train station total tops one thousand

NILALM110214C1 - Sonja Bredgaard from Kirk Hallam Community college with some of the train campaign forms
NILALM110214C1 - Sonja Bredgaard from Kirk Hallam Community college with some of the train campaign forms

A SCHOOL librarian’s appeal to get people to support the Advertiser’s Back on Track campaign has tipped the total number of signatures over 1,000.

Sonja Bredgaard has been drumming up support from colleagues at Kirk Hallam Community College and friends and family and has collected more than 50 petition slips.

Miss Bredgaard said: “I’ve just had a pile of petition slips ready for when I see people and just mentioned it to them.

“Everyone’s been really positive about what it could do for the town and just fills the slips in.

“I’ve made sure all my friends and family have sent a slip back too.

“A train station would be brilliant for Ilkeston and I really do think we deserve one.”

More than one thousand readers have now returned completed forms in support of the Advertiser campaign.

Envelopes have arrived in the office with completed forms sent from all over the country.

Ilkeston remains the largest town in the country on a rail line without its own train station.

Miss Bredgaard added: “I don’t see how there are smaller towns than us with stations.

“It would bring so much to the town if people could use the train to get here.

“Long Eaton has got a station and Langley Mill, I can actually see and hear the train passing through Ilkeston from where I live.

“It’s crazy that it doesn’t stop somewhere in the town.”

Derbyshire County Council already has already set aside £1m towards the project.

It is currently preparing a bid for the remaining £4m worth of funding needed to build the station.

The council will submit its request to the Regional Growth Fund sometime in the Spring.

In the meantime Advertiser readers can continue to pledge their support by filling in the petition slip below.

Editor Peter Hemmett said: “This is an important milestone in our campaign but this is not the end of the line.

“We still need your support to show the powers-that-be that this town demands and deserves a train station.

“The more support the better so if you haven’t already, fill in the slip.”