gas blast fear as car hits home

NILALM110906D1 - Phil Carter with some of the damage caused by a car that hit his garage.
NILALM110906D1 - Phil Carter with some of the damage caused by a car that hit his garage.

A HOMEOWNER has told the Advertiser of the tense moments after a car left the road and crashed into his garage, hitting a gas main and taking out a bus stop in its path.

Minutes after the crash on Derby Road, the emergency services were on scene with firefighters poised ready for action in case of an explosion.

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Transco were called immediately and joined emergency crews at the scene.

Homeowner, Phil Carter said: “It was all a big shock. Our first questions were about the driver and it was a relief to find out he hadn’t been injured but then we were faced with a tense wait for the gas workers to come.

“The firefighters were there ready in case there was an explosion and it was pretty scary.

“It’s amazing that nothing more happened. It could have been a complete catastrophe.

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“There could have easily been someone killed in the car crash or if the gas leak had caused an explosion.”

Phil and his wife Jane were woken up by the noise of the car hitting the garage at about 6.10am on Tuesday morning.

Phil said: “It was a loud bang and shocked us both.

“We got up and the police and fire engine were there in what seemed like seconds.

“I saw the car and it was a wreck, a complete write off, it’s a miracle the driver got out.

“He’s so lucky, he could easily have been killed.”

Phil estimates the damage to the garage and car inside it at between £15,000 and £20,000 but says things could have been even worse if the accident had happened only a couple of hours later saying: “I dread to think about if it was when kids were making their way to school, on their first day back.

“It could have been tragic. I just can’t believe no one was hurt.”

A structural engineer was also called to assess the damge to the building and builders were on scene by 9am to make the structure safe.

Phil said: “Me and Jane can’t praise the emergency services enough.

“They were all there so quickly including Transco and Simon Rigby builders, everyone was brilliant.”