Speed cameras head to Trowell

NILABE111101b2, Cllr Ken Rigby at the site of a flashing speed sign, Nottingham road Trowell.
NILABE111101b2, Cllr Ken Rigby at the site of a flashing speed sign, Nottingham road Trowell.
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MOBILE speed cameras will be keeping an eye on speeding drivers along a road where an Ilkeston OAP was killed earlier this year, after calls from a village councillor for a drop in the speed limit.

Graham Moss, 75, died and his wife Patricia, 74, was hospitalised in August when their car was involved in a four-car smash in Nottingham Road in Trowell – the site of at least two serious accidents in previous months.

Cllr Ken Rigby praised the move by Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottinghamshire police to add the road to its list of sites to monitor speed.

“The message to speeding drivers is, ‘you have been warned’,” he said. “This is a sensible move.”

He said that the cameras may not solve the problem of speeding on the road and has been campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced from 60mph to 40mph, and reduce the 40mph section into the village to 30mph.

“If this isn’t successful,” he said, “we have got to look at reducing the speed limit.

“But rather than just going with gut reactions, I’m quite satisfied with the mobile cameras –if they fail it makes the argument much stronger for reducing the limit.”

Cllr Rigby has also secured two more flashing speed signs for the village, one in Cossall Road and a second one in Stapleford Road going out of the village after speed surveys.

There are currently three signs in the village – in Nottingham Road, Ilkeston Road and further up Stapleford Road.

He added: “I think the interactive signs are tremendous.

“They work with the good people who accidentally stray over the speed limit

“It’s been proved that people stick to the limit for four miles after the signs.”

A former Stanton worker, Mr Moss, of Winchester Crescent, died after an oncoming Audi S5 lost control on a bend in Nottingham Road and swerved into his Nissan Micra, another car and a tractor, all heading towards Ilkeston.

There were serious accidents on the road in March and May.