Travellers at former pub

Caravans on former Jolly Farmers pub site, Cotmanhay.
Caravans on former Jolly Farmers pub site, Cotmanhay.

Travellers, thought to be the same group which pitched up on a council car park earlier this year, arrived on the site of a former pub in Cotmanhay last week.

Neighbours raised concerns with the council after the three caravans set up on Thursday night where the now demolished Jolly Farmers pub stood in Skeavington’s Lane.

One neighbour said they had been playing music until 1am.

But because the land is private Erewash Borough Council said it had no powers to move the travellers on.

Another neighbour said: “It’s a bit worrying because you don’t know who they are.”

Police who spoke to the travellers when they arrived, as a matter of routine, said that the travellers had told them they were there for a funeral and would be gone by Saturday.

At the time of going to press, they had moved on.

The council served legal notices on a group of travellers who pitched up in Pimlico car park in Ilkeston town centre in April.

They left after a few days only to return less than a fortnight later.