Travellers return to town car park

CARAVANS have set up camp in an Ilkeston car park again this week – less than a month after leaving.

Three of the vans in Pimlico car park, just off the Market Place, are thought to be the same ones that defied the order last month to leave within 24 hours, which was slapped on their doors by Erewash Borough Council’s solicitor.

They arrived last Thursday afternoon – complete with electric generators and gas cylinders – and had been joined by a fourth caravan at the time the Advertiser went to press on Wednesday morning.

Residents backed the council’s actions last time but some have said it needs to take stronger action against the travellers this time around.

“At the end of the day, it’s a public car park,” said one Ilkestonian, who did not want to be named.

“Are they paying rents or car park rates like the rest of us?

“If they are, then fair enough but then again they don’t live near me.

“If they did I wouldn’t be happy about it.”

A council spokesman told the Advertiser that the authority has to go through the same process again as when they arrived last time.

A notice giving them 24 hours to leave has been issued again.

It is understood that this will be followed by court action and that papers are again being filed with Nottingham County Court in a bid to force them to leave.

Another shopper added: “The council might now have to think about extra precautions to take to stop this happening again.

“They achieved their objective before to get them to leave but they’ve come back again.”

He suggested: “They could put a barrier on the entrance but that would cost taxpayers’ money.”

Some shoppers, including one visiting the town on Tuesday, were more sympathetic.

He said: “I have no problems with them.

“They’re not causing me any harm so why should we be bothering them? Live and let live, I say.”