Trowell football brawl trial comes to an end

The Festival Inn, Ilkeston Road, Trowell.
The Festival Inn, Ilkeston Road, Trowell.

The trial of two men accused of being involved in an organised mass brawl in Trowell between Derby County and Nottingham Forest football fans has come to an end.

On Monday a jury took just more than two hours to reach its verdict in the case of Timothy Green, 23, from Derby, who denied conspiracy to commit unlawful violence.

Ian Litman, 48, of Western Boulevard, Nottingham, also pleads not guilty. The jury was due to reach a decision yesterday.

Sarah Knight, prosecuting, said more than 70 people were involved in trouble close to The Festival Inn which left villagers ‘frightened and intimidated’.

As the case was being summed up, it was revealed that police downloaded a million pages of messages from mobile phones.

The analysis was part of an effort to establish contacts between people involved in trouble after the match on September 28, 2013. Fourteen people, including some from Ilkeston, have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit unlawful violence in the village after Forest’s 1-0 win.

Litman, a father-of-two, told the jury he was told a party had been organised at the Festival Inn, Trowell, to celebrate the victory.

During a taxi trip to Trowell, Litman said other fans were making phone calls and texts with the atmosphere becoming ‘sombre’ after being happy.

When he got out of the taxi, he heard a shout and left the area.