Trying to make contact with a lost Derbyshire love

The Isle of Man where Lisa and Thad met in 1974
The Isle of Man where Lisa and Thad met in 1974

One woman did not realise what she had until it was too late and 42 years on is reaching out to try and find the man who asked her to marry him.

Lisa Hormis, who’s maiden name was Turner, met Thadious Smith back in the summer of 1974 in Douglas on the Isle of Man when Andy Gibb was performing at the Old Ship pub - now the Sea Cat.

They cycled around the island and even met Lisa’s aunt and uncle.

The two kept in contact and when Lisa returned to her home town of Plymouth and Thad returned to Balmoral Road, Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston.

Lisa, 63, said: “He was a wonderful man, such a free spirit and I thought he was too wonderful to be interested in someone like me.”

She gave birth to her daughter Rachael on the Isle of Man and Thad visited here and asked her to marry him.

“I didn’t think it was fair on him to marry someone who had another man’s child but he was adopted when he was little and didn’t see any problem with marrying me and adopting Rachael as his own.

“But I still said no.”

After talking with her daughter Lisa, or gyps as Thad called her, is left wondering what happened to the one that got away.

“I have never forgotten him.

“I would like to know if he is OK and how his life turned out.”

After some internet research Lisa found a Thadious Smith of a similar age who died however, she feels in her heart he is still alive.

The man she is trying to find was born in July 1955.

“I want him to be happy and have a lived a good life, I am not looking for anything in return just some peace of mind and to make contact with him again.”

While holidaying Thad gave Lisa an LP of Stoneground Words by Melanie and blue velvet jacket with beads on that smelt of musk.

“He was a bit of hippy at the time.

“He was very important to me and I can see know that he really and truly loved me but at the time it wasn’t meant to be.”

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