Two plans to consider


I would like to respond to a letter from a ‘concerned Field Road resident’ about the possible building of a new supermarket on the old Derby College site.

He states that this could be the death knell for shops in South Street and a week or two ago Cllr.James Dawson said it could be the death knell for Ilkeston, but you have to look at two applications, one for the supermarket and housing and the other for Derby College to re-locate to a new building to replace the now defunct Court House.

With this re-location we could see up to a 1,000 students and 200 teachers and tutors right in the centre of Ilkeston, what a fantastic chance for all the traders in Ilkeston.

Our Labour opposition are supportive of regeneration and what could be better than this project, if they are serious then surely they have to be supportive of these proposals.

If these proposals are passed I for one look forward to seeing the influx of so many people into the very heart of Ilkeston and hopefully this will entice more traders wanting to set up in Ilkeston to benefit from the extra trade.

I would just also like to clarify a point when the ‘concerned resident’ says that the planners involved in the supermarket site are based in Harrogate, actually it is the developers that are based elsewhere but the planning application will be judged by Erewash Borough Council Planning Officers and a decision of both the supermarket and college site applications will be decided by the Borough Council Planning Committee which is made up of elected Erewash Councillors.

Cllr Carol Hart

Deputy Leader - Erewash Borough Council