U-turn thanks to campaigns


While I appreciate the temporary reprieve offered to the two sites in question, Ilkeston West (Manner Floods) and Quarry Hill, I must take exception to the way Cllr Corbett has positioned himself.

Up until very recently, Cllr Corbett as the leader of Erewash Borough Council had been among the most staunch supporters for the building at both locations, maintaining at all times that their inclusion was right and proper, while restating the mantra ‘there is nowhere else’.

In fact, it is only the hard work and exceptionally detailed questions/observation raised by members of the Manner Floods Action Group, Quarry Hill Action Group and other interested parties that has highlighted the council’s lazy and wrong-headed approach to the housing issues facing our borough; and which subsequently has forced the council to re-position itself at this late stage.

While writing I must also point out that although a noble pursuit, the protection of green belt cannot be sacrosanct if it means that to fulfil the housing needs of the borough, the few remaining and isolated open green spaces available to the urban inhabitants of Erewash will be lost forever in the process.

Let us hope however that the new ‘no stone unturned’ approach will identify the sites necessary to satisfy both agendas.

I now look forward with keen interest to viewing the revised proposals when they are available; I hope they will show a more balanced and informed approach this time and will be shaped with good evidence and foresight.

Paul Scully

Manner Floods Action Group