UK 'hotter than Madrid' as temperatures soar- but how long will the warm spell last?

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts?
Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts?

Forget spring- it's like the height of summer out there today as temperatures suddenly soar towards the twenties.

Temperatures are set to be be about eight degrees higher than average in the East Midlands today today (Wednesday, March 20) and Thursday (March 21).

It's all thanks to hot air blowing in from the Azores, say forecasters.

The Met Office said: “Wednesday is getting off to a mild but cloudy start for many and we should see a little bit of rain around.

“But as we go through the day we are going to see a bit more sunshine breaking through.

“In the sunshine, it is going to feel rather warm."

Unfortunately temperatures are expected to cool slightly towards the weekend, but the weather should remain 'settled'.

It'll turn cooler again by Sunday, when we could see some blustery showers.