Unwanted puppies are left abandoned

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Three unwanted Christmas puppies were found dumped last week and taken to Babbington Rescue Centre in Awsworth.

One of them - a three month old Bedlington Terrior - was dumped near a canal and seen running after its owner as he sped off in his car.

Tony Sanderson, the manager at the rescue centre, said: “It’s very sad. Puppies get attached very quickly.

“He was totally out of it when he came to us. We were in total shock.

“He was all curled up. There was nothing wrong with him medically, it was the just the shock of the whole thing.

“I just don’t know how people do that sort of thing. It’s heartless.”

Mr Sanderson and his staff say the puppies will either be unwanted Christmas presents, or the last of litters breeders were unable to sell over the festive period.

“They are about the right age because they’re 12 weeks old,” said Mr Sanderson. They would have been eight weeks at Christmas.”

Centre worker Sam said one of the puppies had been on the internet for sale just days before it was abandoned.

“I go online every day because we offer advice to people selling dogs, and I noticed one on there that we had just had brought in. He has got such distinctive and unusual colouring on his legs I knew it was him,” she said.

As well as the Bedlington Terrior dumped in Cossall, a young Staffy was found abandoned in Eastwood and a Border collie was found tied to a tree in Bramcote.

Homes have been found for the three puppies, but there are still many dogs at the centre in Westby lane looking for a new home.

For more information call Babbington Rescue on 0115 9324576 or visit www.babbington-rescue.org.uk.