Updated: Teachers, firefighters and public sector workers to strike on Thursday


Firefighters and teachers in Ilkeston will take to the picket line on Thursday in a public sector strike over pensions.

Workers will man the picket line over the long-running dispute - but at this stage it is unclear how many schools and public services will be affected.

Some schools will be closed as a result of the strikes but many parents are yet to find out if classes at their children’s schools will be affected by the walkout.

So far Field House Infant School and Ladywood Primary and Nursery School Kirk Hallam are the only schools in Ilkeston to confirm that staff are involved in the action. Field House will be closed apart from for classes S2, R1 and both nursery morning and afternoon sessions.

Parents have taken to the ‘Tiser’s Facebook page to express their anger over the industrial action.

Ilkeston mum Samantha Leatherland said: “We haven’t even been told yet whether my children’s school is affected.

“There is no consideration at all for those of us who need to organise child care so we can go to our work in our public sector jobs which are also affected by no pay rise and pension changes.”

Ilkeston library and other services in the town could also be closed but it won’t be clear until the day.

The dispute will also see more than 1,500 civil servants from the Public and Commercial Services Union in Derbyshire join other public sector workers taking strike action.

The strike will be the biggest since the pensions dispute, which saw the first joint union walkout in June 2011.

Firefighters will be on the picket line between 10am and 7pm in what will be the fifteenth in the Fire Brigade Union campaign.

The FBU want assurances that something will be done to address the threat to firefighters as their fitness declines in their 50s.

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