Upset at school closure plan

NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college
NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college

I am writing in support of the Ormiston Enterprise Academy and agaisnt the proposed merger. As the past Mayor of Erewash I visited the academy several times, I was inspired by the premises, the staff and of course all of the young people who will be affected by the proposed merger.

The proposed merger will stab at the heart of Cotmanhay which needs all the support we can give it. These proposals are underhand and can not be right. Let’s not forget that in all of the politicking involved that the most important people are the young students, who are the future of Ilkeston and Cotmanhay. The pupils will have to travel across town, costing time and money and unneccessary disruption to the routine of parents and students.

I fully support the governing body and teachers, who I understand are against the proposals. I have never stood on a picket line in my life but will do all I can to oppose the proposals. I will be attending the consultation evenings and asking questions and pointing the finger.

Kevin Miller

Previous Mayor of Erewash