Use HS2 money for local station


With Reference to Helen Clark’s letter regarding Ilkeston Train Station (Advertiser January 12).

Talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle. The truth is the Labour party also talk a good game at election time but fail to deliver the promises made. Both Labour and the Tories will never make funding available for small towns like Ilkeston.

They will both waste billions on plans such as the HS2 and to destroy our countryside to provide facilities for a few and provide nothing for the majority.

At UKIP we do not support the waste of billions on the HS2 project. We would rather see money spent on improving the local Midland line to cut journey times and invest in small towns like Ilkeston to have a train station, saving tax payers money and improving our public rail system while looking after the environment.

Giles Farrand

Vice Chairman UKIP Mid Derbyshire