Vandals hit community football club in Ilkeston AGAIN

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A community football club is considering using CCTV to stop mindless yobs from vandalising its facilities.

In recent months Stanton Ilkeston Football Club has come under attack from vandals who have abandoned a burnt out motorbike at the entrance to the club’s pitches, left bottles, cans and needles strewn across the playing fields and sabotaged a new £20,000 fence by lodging sticks and expanding foam into the locks.

The latest incident yesterday (Sunday, November 13) involved a bike lock being attached to a barrier on the public footpath to the entrance to the ground.

Clunb chairman, Rob Kirk, said: “This could have been catastrophic if an emergency vehicle would have needed to gain access.

“If an ambulance had been required they would not have been able to get to the scene of the emergency.

“Sorry to sound harsh but this pettiness has gone on far too long and is now becoming a serious matter when people’s lives could have been put at risk.

“This, along with at least another dozen separate criminal damage incidents, is costing the club money and valuable time to put right.”

Call police on 101 with any information.