VIDEO: A star in the making

We continue to scour Ilkeston to find the best in local musical talent – and the latest star to showcase her vocal prowess is Phoebe Jayne.

Visit our website at to see the 15-year-old sing Ho Hey by The Lumineers at Ilkeston’s Sound Stage acoustic session at Shaker Cocktail Bar.

Phoebe Jayne at Sound Stage Ilkeston

Phoebe Jayne at Sound Stage Ilkeston

Are you a member of a local band aiming to make the big time? Are you a solo singer who is hoping for a big future in the music industry?

If the answer is yes, then the ‘Tiser is launching a new initiative that could give you the exposure and platform you need.

For we want you to submit video footage of you in action, either at a gig, in the recording studio or even during rehearsals at home.

In turn we will post it on our website, complete with a story about the band or musician.

So what are you waiting for? Email with your footage.