VIDEO: Beer-glass balancing and sausage eating as three world records set

Three world records were set in Ilkeston at the weekend as the town’s world-famous head-balancing pensioner, John Evans, roped ‘Tiser reporter Dave Wade into his latest daredevil fundraising day.

The 66-year-old (John, not Dave), stepped over five people – including our intrepid journo – while balancing 100 half-pint glasses on his head at the Commercial Inn on Saturday.

John Evans Records Challenge.

John Evans Records Challenge.

As if that wasn’t enough, fellow record holder Peter Dowdeswell, 73, guzzled down 20 Frankfurter sausages in less than 30 seconds.

But not before getting three audience members – including, you guessed it, our reporter Dave – to have a go at eating six cold sausages in a minute.

Fred Burton, 68, also set a new world record by running 111m across the car park carrying a 61lb weight between his teeth.

The three records were part of a wider record attempt dubbed The Magnificent Seven as four other records were broken at the same time in different parts of the country.

As the highlight of the day – John’s record attempt – got underway, reporter Dave lay nervously with four other willing volunteers.

Dave said: “It was pretty nerve-wracking to see John spill some during his practice run.

“But he did amazingly well when it came to the real thing.”

He added: “I don’t think I’ll be eating any hotdogs for a long time, though.”

The £200 raised in Ilkeston goes to the Royal Derby Hospital’s intensive care unit after John’s daughter Allison was treated for pneumonia there earlier in the year.