VIDEO: Council leader reacts to dead policewomen ‘joke’

Leader of Erewash Borough Council has condemned the words of an Ilkeston councillor who made a sick ‘joke’ about the two policewomen who died in Greater Manchester last week.

Speaking today (Tuesday) at Ilkeston Town Hall he said Cllr David Stephenson has been removed from his post on the council executive and from the list of Tory party candidates, meaning he cannot stand for the party again.

Cllr Chris Corbett

Cllr Chris Corbett

Cllr Stephenson told the wife of Sgt Jason Farrar – a Nottinghamshire officer, who lives in Ilkeston: “If you get 100 points for shooting one policewoman and 200 points for shooting two policewomen, how many do you get for shooting a lawyer?”

Cllr Stephenson represents Little Hallam ward. He has not yet responded to the Advertiser’s calls.