VIDEO: Longest Day - we capture a day in the life of our towns, from dawn until dusk

See our video compilation of life in and around the area captured by our dedicated journalists to mark the longest day.

Our reporters spent the whole of Friday June 21, starting at 4am having teamed up with their nearby colleagues, in a unique joint project.

Longest Day

Longest Day

The aim was to get to the heart of just what happens in and around the area by recording this video footage to coincide with the summer solstice.

It’s our piece of social history to document just what happens on one day in our lives.

We thought it would be the ideal day to get out and about and record happenings as well as talk to many varied and interesting folk who contribute to our daily lives. We played bingo, went to school, saw the market stalls being built for the day’s trade, watched a football groundsman at work among others, and witnessed the morning commute to work.

We had intended to start our video with the sun rising at about 4.30am on a glorious summer’s day, but the typical British weather put paid to that!

It began a damp and cloudy day, but by 2pm the sun was out and it was shorts and tee-shirt weather. Our team of journalists were out for the entire day - up until dusk - recording life as we know it and we hope you enjoy this look at your lives!

Keep your eyes peeled for more video footage from the day on our website over the coming weeks.

You can also follow the activity on twitter using the #longestlocalday hashtag