VIDEO: Spectacular display of scarecrows and wells

It’s that time of year again when villagers in West Hallam can feast their eyes on an array of wonderful well dressings which will be on display until Friday.

Each is produced by a local group and has its own theme, taking around a week to complete.

West hallam well dressing. Dance Divaz Daecey and Gracie.

West hallam well dressing. Dance Divaz Daecey and Gracie.

A day of events was held alongside their launch on Saturday, and also includes the annual West Hallam scarecrow trail. People were treated to a local street entertainer, dancing, face painting and an arts market.

Pauline Fearn, from the well dressings committee, said: “Each one has its own theme. The ladies from West Hallam Cricket Club created one featuring a cricketer. It was their first attempt so we are proud of them.”

Other groups who produced wells included Scargill C of E Primary School, Stanley St Andrew’s C of E Primary School and a local animal charity.

The wells have been dressed in West Hallam for more than 30 years with proceeds going to charity. The wells are on show on the road through the village, as well as the school square and the village hall.

This year there is a well dedicated to two members of the committee - Tim Ainsworth and Pat Gregory - who died this year.

Pauline added: “My daughter was four when I first became involved with the well dressings, she’s 40 now. I’ve been involved since the beginning.”