VIDEO: Staff saddened as Co-op closes doors

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Emotions ran high for staff at Co-op’s department store as its doors closed for the final time last week.

A total of 59 people lost their jobs as a result of the closure which bosses said was because the business was losing money.

Some employees who had worked at the store for many years now find themselves out-of-work.

Staff spent the end of last week clearing out the stock in what is now a huge empty space.

Boxes could be seen being carted out of the building containing anything that was left over following a massive closing down sale at the store.

To mark the closing, staff held a party at Manners Squash Club which was attended by 150 people who had worked at the store at some point.

The Co-Operative Society, Ilkeston, 1920s - 1930s

The Co-Operative Society, Ilkeston, 1920s - 1930s

The end of an ere event was organised by Pamela Tusa, Julie Pope and Diane MacDonald.

Pamela, who worked in the linen department for 20 years, said: “It was a fantastic night, everybody enjoyed it but it was sad, also.

“One or two people were crying but I don’t think it really hits you until you’ve got no job.”

She added: “It’s sad to see the building empty.

“I think it will be missed in Ilkeston.”

Shops within the department store included Clarks and Topshop. Though some staff have found work at other branches, others have not been so lucky and are now seeking work elsewhere.

Co-op bosses were reluctant to let staff speak to the Advertiser when we paid a visit to the South Street store on Friday, or have their photograph taken at the front of the building.

However, we did manage to grab some pictures of the final boxes being loaded on to lorries.

The food store , post office and credit union remain open to the public.