VIDEO: teenager Katie has head shaved for charity

A hairdressing student has been inspired to shave her head for charity in honour of her grandmother’s ongoing battle with cancer.

Katie-Louise Smith, 19, who attends Derby College, Ilkeston, had her long locks cut off to raise money for Maggie’s Trust, a charity offering free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer.

Katie Smith has her head shaved for charity

Katie Smith has her head shaved for charity

She will also be donating her shaved locks to the Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs to boys and girls, who have suffered with cancer, across the UK.

Katie-Louise, pictured before and after, arranged the event to incorporate a raffle, cake sale and weigh-in of donated clothes. These funds will also be dontated to Maggie’s Trust.

Her 56-year-old grandmother, Stephanie Padgett, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer five years ago, which unfortunately has since spread.

She has been receiving treatment while still working as a cook at 3663, Langley Mill.

“My grandma is a great woman, she has always been my main inspiration behind raising this money,” said Katie-Louise.

“The fact I’m shaving my head doesn’t really bother me as all I’m thinking about is the cause I am raising money for.

“My family have all been really supportive posting things on Facebook selling pages, asking for donations and my sister is baking most of the cakes.”

Katie-Louise’s mother, Claire Smith, expressed her pride at what her daughter is doing.

“My mother didn’t know what to say when Katie told her,” she said.

“Shaving her head is a brave thing to do, particularly with how self-conscious most young women can be. We think she is an inspiration”

Katie has managed to raise more than £150 for Maggie’s Trust so far but donations are still coming in.